Overview & Philosophy

Zulu Labs is a privately owned Australian company that has built 2 Software as a Service (SaaS) products in the eLearning and Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM) space. In 2011 the company divested its mid-sized web development & digital agency to focus on the product strategy. The products are mature with a client base that spans 5 countries. The company has 2 owners and is profitable.

The two products are:

The company has been structured to be agile for global expansion into regions that are best suited for a local partner arrangement.  At Zulu Labs we have a view that the global SaaS marketplace will become convoluted in the next 5-10 years and for our product to have a long term and meaningful effect then the products must not only be delivered in a scalable hands-off way but the business must also acquire and service clients using our own software.

“If we can’t use our own software to deliver results and make a difference for clients then how can we expect others to?”

Software traditionally comes with an instruction manual and it is therefore left up to user to already know which outcomes they wish to achieve. One cannot lead in an industry if they simply deliver functions that enable known outcomes. We redefine what is commonly accepted by delivering our own vision on accepted outcomes which in turn delivers far greater value for our customers.

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